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Dalton Secondary Springs for Polaris w/Team secondary (TSS-04)


DCP - Polaris Clutch Puller Applications

Polaris Clutch Puller Applications See this product page at Dalton Industries for complete information  Dalton Part #OEM Part #...


DPP - DaltonPro Clutch Weights for Polaris

Get the best from your late model Polaris! High quality billet steel, gram matched, professional heat treating and blackening process....


DPPS - Polaris / Arctic Primary Springs

Polaris / Arctic Primary Springs See this product page at Dalton Industries for complete information   Part #Pre-load @2.5”Total...


DPSS - Dalton Secondary Springs for Polaris

These secondary springs are for earlier P-85 secondary with torsion springs. Not for TEAM version clutches. See this product page at...


P - Helixes for Polaris

The Polaris P-85 button clutch from older Polaris models is still widely used by racers. Dalton's helixes for Polaris (with prefix "P")...


P2 - Polaris P-2 driven helix

The Polaris P-2 driven clutch was offered on some models in 09 such as the 600 Shift 136 model and some RMK mountain versions. It is used...


PR - New PR Models

These "PR" radiused models are built like the factory "R" series that came on many models of Polaris snowmobiles. They have a short...


QACA-SH - Quick Adjust Screw Hardware

This pkg of hardware is a replacement pack. They are sold as a pack for each quick adjust individual flyweight. Fits all Dalton...


QAP - Dalton's Quick Adjust Cam Arms for Polaris

Dalton's patented Quick Adjust Cam Arms are available for Polaris models. This method of adjustment allows you to add or subtract mass...


TP - Polaris TSS-04 Team helixes

Most newer 800/850 models, and many others of the late model Polaris snowmobiles use a Team TSS-04 (LWT) secondary clutch. We ONLY build...