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2012-2015 Procross - 2012-2015 (only) Procross Secondary Spring

Dalton has developed new secondary spring options for the 2012-2015 Procross series secondary clutch. Designed for long life and...


2016+ Arctic Procross Secondary Springs - 2016+ arctic secondary springs

Springs for the 2016 secondary are a different diameter and fit compared to previous models. Dalton's springs for this secondary have the...


A - Pre '05 models with non-ACT secondary clutch

Dalton helixes are relieved for more overdrive, they are totally machined inside and out for perfect roundness. They have taller points...


AP - 2012-2015 Procross, direct replacement.

Dalton Industries has a new construction method for this model. No porosity and extremely strong aluminum alloy. The final machined part...


APT - Optional two piece* construction made to bolt into the 2012-2015 Procross applications

Optional two piece* construction made to bolt into the 2012-2015  Procross applications. Some clutch tuners like having...


C - 2005 Helixes for the Arctic "ACT Drive" – (tubular type)* –non engine reverse

ACT Drive Models. 2005 direct bolt in using stock 05 adjustable cover, or 06-2011 with the use of 2005 OEM cover or a Dalton cover. If...


C _/_ P - PROGRESSIVE cut helixes for the 2005 ACT Drive. (tubular type)*

PROGRESSIVE cut helixes for the 2005 ACT Drive. (tubular type)* The regular helixes for ACT Drive from the factory, as well as our...


CR - “CR” model 09-11 Arctic Cat 2 stroke models w/electronic engine reverse – (tubular type)*

These models require a notch in the ramp for when the engine turns backwards for reverse. *These are the earlier style adjustable...


DAPS - 2016+ Arctic Cat primary springs

Primary springs for the new 2016 Arctic Procross models are a different size than previous Arctic primary springs. These springs are a...


DCP - Clutch Pullers

DaltonPro Clutch Pullers are accurately machined from super tough 17-4 series stainless steel. DCP-D Suggested list price  $85 USD...


DHC-100 - Arctic Billet Helix Cover

The helix on some of the ’06 and newer Arctic Cat models with the new ACT secondary is now a cast / one piece version. We still use...


DHC-200 - Arctic Billet Helix Cover - APT series helix

This is a required component for use with the tubular, two piece APT series helixes for the 2012-2015 Procross