Dalton's Patented "Quick Adjust Cam Arms"
  • Dalton's Patented "Quick Adjust Cam Arms"

DPKA-65 - Dalton's Patented "Quick Adjust Cam Arms"

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Designed for the new 08 Brute Force 750 EFI with the new style wide pin drive clutch. Our new QACA flyweights allow you to fine tune to perfect shift rpm for your specific application . Dalton's  "Quick Adjust" feature refers to being able to add or subtract weight from the main body of the flyweights without removing the flyweights from the clutch itself. There is also a rivet system to change the "zone" of the weight,but much of the gram mass can be adjusted with the threaded passage that can be adjusted without removal

For 08 and newer "wide pin" style drive clutch only, NOT for use on Teryx RUV as we have developed special weights for that application(see ATV Clutch Kits)