08-09 Arctic Cat Thundercat H-2 4x4
  • 08-09 Arctic Cat Thundercat H-2 4x4

DA 950HC - 08-09 Arctic Cat Thundercat H-2 4x4, 1000 H-2 Cruiser

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Oversized tires/High elevation

Arctic’s flagship H-2 4x4 model is a powerhouse in stock form. This simple clutch re-calibration helps improve the acceleration even more. The new set of rollers provided are complete "drop in" assemblies for quick installation, complete with new composite outer housings. Although mostly intended ,and a great improvement to help recover losses from bigger tires or high elevation, this simple kit also helps with quicker acceleration even with stock tires. When used with stock tires only a very slight top end speed loss was observed. Great bang for the buck.

  • complete roller assemblies
  • improved acceleration and mud performance
  • instructions provided for secondary settings with optional terrain/tire sizes.
DA 950HC