DBMS-R4 2019-20 Can Am Maverick Sport “1000 R” MAX (4 seat) version – oversized 29-32” tires only


See this product page at Dalton Industries for complete information


The Maverick Sport 1000R Max model has clutching that is fine for stock 27” and up to and including 28” tires.
This kit is for the applications with larger tires on this application. The kit was developed to help with power losses and belt performance when using oversized tires in the size range described here.
This kit has a different helix in the secondary that is more related to the proper “rate of shift” of the belt for the 4 seat application.
Larger or heavier tires hurt performance everywhere. More rotating weight and more specifically added gearing from larger tires hurt acceleration and speed. This kit helps correct the rate of shift of the belt for the intended use. Improves bottom end performance without further loss of top speed. Throttle response is improved and better back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load form soft terrain or hills. Kit maintains smooth engagement rpm.


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