Drivepower Yamaha Snowmobile Products

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DPPS - Yamaha Primary Springs

DaltonPro springs are manufactured form high quality chrome silicon wire to exacting tolerances, stress relieved, and shot peened for...


DPSS - Yamaha Secondary Spring

Dalton springs are well known for durability and are manufactured from high quality materials and processes. . As always, we try to...


R - Yamaha "R" Series Helixes

The "R" (radius) series helixes for Yamaha from Dalton features a short duration initial angle, radiuses into what is mostly a straight...


Y - DaltonPro Helixes for Yamaha

Extensive machining to be lightweight like the OEM castings, but with the attractive strength of solid billet aluminum....



The 2017+ Yamaha Sidewinder model comes with a roller secondary. The roller secondary clutch is different than other previous Yamaha...