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DCP - Primary Clutch Puller

DCP-E Fits most Ski Doo models with TRA all through ('92-2011) EXCEPT 583 engine and smaller, and the E-tec 800 2011+ DCP-OE-tec 800...


DCT-CQ - New Clutch Tool for '08-'09 Ski-Doo XP Helixes

Dalton Compression tool for the new QRS clutch on 2008-2009 Ski- Doo “XP” series. After removing the clutch from the new XP...


DFSR-100 - FULL SHIFT ROLLERS by Dalton Industries

Replacement rollers for BRP governor/ spider assembly on E-Drive 2 and Can Am ATV, UTV, and (6 arm primary clutches). The factory...


DPAP-LP - Lightweight Premium pin kit

11.5 - 17.4 grams


DPAP-MP - DaltonPro Midweight Premium Pin Kit for Ski Doo Drive Clutch 14.5g-20.4 grams

This kit offers DaltonPro quality in a very cost effective package and still offers full use of clicker adjustability with up to 20.4...


DPAP-UH - DaltonPro Ultimate Heavy Pins for Ski- Doo TRA Drive Clutch 14.5g- 25g*

Heat treated alloy tool steel outer housing. CNC machined for exact fit. This high strength material and process provides a...


DPDS - Ski-Doo P-Drive primary springs

The 2017 Skidoo 850 models come with the P-Drive primary clutch. We have the following options available for this primary clutch:...


DPPS - Ski-Doo E-drive 2 Primary Springs

(E-Drive 2 primary clutch, some 4 stroke) The 2013 Skidoo 1200cc e-drive 2 primary spring part number 417223746 has loads of 110 lbs@...


DPPS - Ski-Doo TRA Primary Springs

See this product page at Dalton Industries for complete information Part # @ 2.9” @ 1.6” Dalton Purple DPPS-PL...


DPSS - Dalton Secondary Clutch Springs for Ski-Doo

Dalton clutch springs are manufactured from highest quality materials and process. Note: Some aftermarket companies compare loads at...


DPSS - Dalton Secondary Clutch Springs for Ski-Doo (Torsion style) 4 stroke models

Many of the newer Skidoo 4 stroke models use a torsion style secondary spring. We have some options for those who do clutch tuning. The...


DPT 900-T - 900 Pro Tuner kit -Adjustable weight kit for 900 Ace Turbo pDrive clutch (non-clicker type)

71g-80.3g (stock to lightly modded)   The 900 Pro Tuner kit is a fully adjustable weight kit for the 900 ACE Turbo with pDrive primary...