Teryx 750 Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover
  • Teryx 750 Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover

DCC 102 - Teryx 750 Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover


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'08 Kawasaki Teryx RUV - Race applications(non engine brake*)

The new Kawasaki Teryx RUV has a newer version and different drive clutch than any other or previous kawasaki atv models.Not only does this clutch require different (wider with different curvature) flyweights,but the shift dimensions are different as well. This new billet aluminum overdrive clutch cover was built specifically for this Teryx model,and allows more belt travel for increased top end speed.This component offers increase of 4-5 mph by simply bolting it on in place of the existing cover plate on a stock Teryx primary clutch.No machining or modification of the drive clutch is necessary and you can go back to stock at any time.

Premium billet aluminum construction and design offers increased strength, better cooling and lighter weight.

Our premium adjustable clutch kit (see part # DUV K750TX) can get you up to speed quicker and offer more accurate shift characteristics for different applications,but this O/D cover allows the belt to shift further which can allow more top speed,and a more rigid,cooler drive clutch. Together they are a great combination to get the best from any modified machine.

*This component is for race applications and contains no engine brake bearing and the KEBC system must be disabled.

DCC 102

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